About Us

We are not a “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all”, firm. We offer unique and individual consultation on a case-by-case basis. All initial consultations are with Leonard J. Robison II, attorney, licensed in 1974. You will always have this attorney’s personal attention, unlike otherĀ firms that are designed to deal in volume to appeal to a cut rate mentality. There are NO “routine” bankruptcy cases which can be handled by paralegals and other office staff without proper oversight by attorneys.

We specialize in full legal inquiry to discover difficult matters causing financial burden which may call for a small business bankruptcy or liquidation. Similarly, legal fees for representation vary according to your individual case and degree of difficulty. Leonard J. Robison II will always work with you on the amount and structure of his attorney fees, to support your ability to be successful in the results. Get out from underneath the burden of accumulated debt!

Please call for a free half hour consultation. Any consultation exceeding a half hour may be billed at the attorney’s hourly rate if warranted and you agree. All clients that hire attorney, Leonard Robison, will have their consultation fees credited to the total cost of the bankruptcy case.